Monday, 28 May 2012

300 word pitch

For this assignment we have been asked to make individual VTs which we will then use to make a 30min long news programme. We will complete paper works in connection with the VT for example.... Proposal, Equipment list, Shot list, Release form, Risk assessment, Shooting schedule, Roles responsibility, Script, and a Contact list. For My VT I have chosen to look at sport, in-particular Boxing. I shall be filming at Gorton's Amateur Boxing club which is located in the Ceder Mount Sports Hall, on Matthews lane. I have already asked for filming permission and have been given the thumbs up. I have also contacted a friend who trains there who I can film in connection with the VT. The VT will start off by showing Ilyas warming up by shadow boxing, skipping, on the punch bags, and finally a short clip of Ilyas sparing. After this it will then cut to A short interview with Ilyas in which I will ask him the following questions ....... 1) Whats your name? 2) So how did you get into boxing? 3) How long have you been boxing 4) What's your current fighting title? 5) Have you met any famous boxers if yes what advice did they give you? and finally what can we expect to see from you in the future? My VT wil hopefully run for 2mins, I will use a graphic effect which josh has made for the programme name, I will also make my own voiceover in the VT, which will run over when Ilyas is warming up. The VT will give a short description of were the boxing club is located. Fot the live show I will be taking on the role of vision mixing. I have chosen to vision mix because I haven't done much Vision mixing, and would like to learn and take on a role that I haven't done or believe I can improve.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ideas For VT's

1st Idea - One of my ideas of how I want the VT to look is to start off with showing the band setting up their equipment. The shots will be fast passed, followed with fast pace background music. After the shots of the band setting up, it will cut to peace to camera were the interviewer will introduce giving a short introduction of the band he is following. The camera will then cut to the interviewer talking to the band asking them general questions like whats the name of the song their going to perform, how long did it take them to write the song, and what gave them the inspiration to write the son that they did? the questions ask will be light and brief. They will go into more detail in the studio interview. After the brief interview it will cut to short snippets of the band performing their song. Questions that I will ask..... 1) Whats the name of the song? 2) How long did it take you to write? 3) What inspired you to write this song, whats the message behind it that you want to get across to the listener? 2nd Idea - The second idea that I have for how the VT could look is to follow one of the artist for one whole day, I will follow their life style and how his life evolves around music for example film them going to class, film them working and writing lyrics, film them making a beat, and finally film the artist in the studio recording the song. Questions that I will ask..... 1) So how did u get into music? 2) How many years is your course for? 3) What do you learn from the course, and what are your plans once you finish your course? 4) What kind of instruments can you play and how long did it take you to learn how to play? BACK UP IDEA My back up idea is to have a student explain how to use certain equipments and discuss how much they can cost act. For example..... electric guitars, string guitars, key boards act. And for the studio we will look at how you can change the beats level, voice level, and how to record the song act. Questions..... 1) How do you connect the guitars to the amps and the speakers? 2) How do you loosen and tighten the strings on the guitar? 3) How much does the electric guitar cost? 4) How much does the string guitar cost? 5) How much would one string cost?

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Diary - Peter

13/03/12 In todays lesson we began working on writing our treatments for the music show. In my treatment I have discussed in detail the running order of the show. I have gone on to talk about the studio and stage set up and how will it look visually and what pros will i be using. I have also spoken about who will be my presenters and who will be my guests and why i chose them for example the presenters are both cheesy and bubbly and from their past work I believe they make good presenters and will make the show interesting and will keep the viewers entertained. The guest will be the artist that will have performed. I have finally gone on to talk about the target audience for my show. (16-25 year olds) and why i chose this age group as my target audience. the reason why I chose this age group was because the acts that are performing fall into this catogary. So it obvious that the type of music they produce will be music that they would listen to and enjoy. An artist will make a song that he himself can enjoy so it makes it easy to identify the target audience. I have finished writing the the treatment, just needs to be checked by peter, so i know i have covered and mentioned everything I need. 24/04/12 In todays lesson we worked on coming up with ideas for how the VT's should and could look like. For this I will be working with Mikael, Josh, and Andrew Green Land. We each have to make 2 VT's each, 8 in total, 1 for each act, and also a back up idea incase one idea doesn't work. I have wrote up to ideas of how I want the VT to look like. I have also wrote up questions that I will be asking the acts. The only thing left to do now is to write a consent form which I need to get the acts to sign to say they are fine with me filming them act. 09/05/12 Today was the first lesson for reharsal. Overall I think the filming went well, we setted up quite quickly, and began filming fast. We got all the 4 acts filmed in time without haing any major problems. I was given the role of streaming the footage on ustream, but as usual we had problems and we ended up recording on the tricaster. Since I wasnt able to do my role I just assisted people with doing their roles. For next week I hope to film two band members comming in, settinging up and performing their song for the two VT's I have to create. 16/05/12 Today was the 2nd rehersal date to practice filming the acts, to get ready and perfect for the actual live filming. Overall again I believe we worked well and got everything ready quickly giving us plenty of time to check everything is working. Bellow is a list of the jobroles for the 1st act...... Ashley - Director Josh - Vision mixer Danny Jack - Sound mixer Imogen - Floor manager 1 Joe - Floor manager 2 Matthew & Erin - Presenters Jack - Camera 1 Andy Greenland - Camera 2 Nabeel - Camera 3 Nyasha - Camera 4 Bellow ae the job roles for the 2nd act..... Luis - Director Jack - Vision mixer Andy Greenland - Sound mixer Abid - Floor manager 1 Nyasha - Floor manager 2 Matthew & Erin - Presenters Danny jack - Camera 1 Ashley - Camera 2 Mikael - Camera 3 Kas - Camera 4 In today's lesson I worked more on completing my 2 VT's that I have to create as introductions for the acts. I have got all the filming completed and have logged it in Final Cut Pro. For the next lesson I hope to edit and finish both of the VT's.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Treatment for Music show

Introduction of how the show will run? The show will start with an opening title sequence which will be made up of clips, from the previous lever street filming and also some new footage that I hope to film from lever street. For example footage of bands performing on stage and shots of the studio. My back up plan is to go to Sheena Simon campus and ask them if I could film their music students. I don't think they will turn me down as I have worked with them previously for a college project. I will also be using graphics for the shows name (unsigned and defined), and use graphics to make name straps for the presenters and for the guests. Also I will use footage showing the film crew setting up and also the music groups setting up. I will have music running through out the whole title sequence over the footage. I still need to decide and chose the sound track I will be using, but i'm hoping to use a song with a dance theme to it. The show will then cut to presenter 1 (Matty), who will welcome the viewers to the show and give a brief introduction of what is coming up on the show. Matty will then introduce presenter 2 (Rebecca) who is in the studio who will introduce the 1st VT (1st performance). The VT will consist of the band performing. After the VT it will cut back to the studio were Matty and Rebecca are ready to interview the band asking them questions regarding their performance, how they felt? are they happy with the film crews filming? what problems did they face? and what are they future plans? After the interview with the band the presenters will then introduce the next band but instead of cutting to a VT of the performance they will perform live in the studio. I hope that there is enough room to fit in the studio set up and stage for the bands so it is a live shoot if not I will pre record the performance like the rest of the footage but then edit the footage so that it has cuts in between to the presenters who are looking in a direction smiling, and nodding to give the effect that they are there and watching them live. The reason why I want to make it look like it is a live performance is to mix it up a bit so that its not all VT's which wont make it interesting or entertaining because it will run in the same order performance after performance. Over all the performances will be shown as a VT or as a live performance in the studio. Location for bands performance and studio interviews. The location for filming will be at The Manchester College Fielden Campus, 1st floor, Room 109. We will be filming on the 30th May, the show will be running from 12:00pm till 1:00pm. Location for VT filming. I am hoping to go back to Lever Street and film the music student in action (performing on stage/recording song in studio), if it is not possible for me to go and film at Lever Street I will then Contact the music students from Sheena simon. I have worked with the students from Sheena Simon in the past so Im sure they wont have a problem with me filming as long as I give them notice before hand. How will the studio set up look like? For the studio set up I will have it look like a news room set up. Both presenters will be sat behind a desk and I will have a separate desk near the presenters for the guests. I will also have the large TV in between the two desk which will start off showing the shows name and then it will have pictures and txt regarding what the presenters or guests are talking about to help the viewers understand what being said. I will use the normal studio light for the studio half of the show. how will the stage set up look like? For the stage set up I will be using strobe lights or gel lights. The stage set up will be the same as the stage set up at lever street, two large speakers at both sides of the stage. Two microphones, and guitars behind each speaker for the singers, and finally in the centre of the stage I will have the drum kit for the drumer. And finally I hope to have a smoke machine at the front of the stage, hopefully the smoke spreads equally on the stage. What role would I like to do and which role I dont want to do, and why? For this assignment I would like to work in the gallery room more as a Vision Mixer as I believe I need to learn how to set up the monitors, connect the XLR wires from camera to the monitors, and connect the talk backs more affectively. I believe I haven't spent enough time mastering setting up all the kit in the galley room. I would like to spend less time as the camera man as I feel confident in using and setting up the camera. I would like to do something which will challenge me and give me the chance to learn something new this semester.

How the show will look?

How do you want the show to look? the show will start with a title sequence which will be made up of short clips from the existing lever street shooting. You will be able to see clips of the different bands performing on stage, shots of the studio crew (Camera, floor manager) and it will then cut to clips of the gallery room showing the director, vision mixer, and sound mixer. All the shots will be fast paste to go with the music in the background. I will also use graphics for the shows name. After the opening title sequence it will cut to piece to camera of the presenters who will be Matty and Rebecca who will be welcoming the viewers to the show and giving them a short insight of what to expect on the show. It will then cut to the VT (1st act) it will show the band performing their song on stage. After the performance the camera will follow the crowd coming off stage and going backstage were there will be a presenter to interview them briefly about their performance asking them questions like whats the message behind your song? how do they feel?, did they feel nervous when on stage?, what did they think of the filming crew? any messages to upcoming artist. The questions and answers will be short and brief as I want them to go in more detail about the day when they come in for the studio interview. After the VT we will cut back to the studio were the presenter will introduce the acts you saw in the VT and begin to interview them. Asking them questions such as how they got into music, did their parents support them, and what they message would be to people who want to go into this industry but have parents who don't agree with their choices, how should they go about convincing their parents. Are there opportunities available. And finally whats their next move, and are they close to their big break? this will be the the way the show will run. The different performances will be shown as VT's and then have the band come in to the studio and talk about their performance in more detail. I will also have one maximum two performances live on the day so we can cut from and interview to the performance and then back to the presenters who will then introduce the next VT. This will hopefully make the show more interesting instead of it just being made up of VT's and interviews. Will there be presenters? For my show I am hoping to have two presenters Matty and Rebecca. I have chose these two as my presenters as I believe that they make good presenters as they are both confident speakers and both are cheesy and bubbly which make good presenters as they keep the viewers interested and entertained. What will the Vt fillers consist of? The VT will show the band performing their song on stage. After the performance the camera will follow the crowd coming off stage and going backstage were there will be a presenter to interview them briefly about their performance asking them questions like whats the message behind your song? how do they feel?, did they feel nervous when on stage?, what did they think of the filming crew? any messages to upcoming artist. The questions and answers will be short and brief as I want them to go in more detail about the day when they come in for the studio interview.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Diary - Sam

27/02/12 In todays lesson we all took turns to stand up in front of the group and pitch our idea. My show will have to parts to it, the 1st part will look at genuine boxing fans, for this i will be interviewing a guy that i know who is an up coming boxer. I will look at how he got into boxing?, how has it influenced his life, and what are his ambitions for the future for him? The 2nd half of the show will look at whats going on in the boxing industry. For example I was looking at the David Haye and Dereck Chisora's brawl and what people thought off the whole situation. who was in the wrong? and why? and would they like to see them fight in the ring. My 2nd idea is to look at Amir Khan and Lamont Preston's rematch, as this will more of a fresh story as it is in may, close to the filming dates. 5/03/12 In todays lesson we split ourselves into two groups, which will be our actual groups for this assignment. Our project manger will be Josh. For next lesson we will all decide when we want to film so we know who’s filming when and who’s helping who film. I have spoken to Ilyas who will be the person who I interview regarding my idea (Boxing). I have emailed him asking him if he is available to be interviewed. I am now working on writing the script so that Ilyas has a chance to see the questions I will be asking him before I film. Team Members……… Me Josh Abid Luke Kas Jo Andy Imogen Rebecca Ezra 19/03/12 In todays lesson, in the morning I worked on writing the questions I would be asking Ilyas (Boxer who I will be interviewing). After I finished writing the questions I sent the questions to Ilyas so that he can prepare some answers before hand. We also discussed when he would be available for filming. He told me he is available this weekend so I will hopefully film either on the 24th or the 25th of march between 12-5pm. After I had written the questions for Ilyas I began writing a scene by scene breakdown Of how the VT will look and what will it consist of. For example I spoke about what archive footage and pictures i would be using and that I will have Abid doing the voice over explaining what it is that were seeing. I then went on to talk about the location were I will be filming (Boxing Club) and how some of the shots will look. 14/05/12 Todays lesson was to reherse our programmes but as usual we had people problems, for example some people still neded to edit thir footage, luke was not able to film his origional idea so he came up with a new idea and began filming his idea. I also lost my voiceover which slowed me dwn, but I quickly found the voice recording machine and recorded and added a new voice over. After I was done I helped Josh and abid set up the studio all afternoon.

Example of Music Video VT

In todays lesson we were put into small groups and were given footage of all the groups and were asked to edit the footage we have to make a VT for a Music Video. For this group project I was working with Mikael, Abid, and Danny. We faced many problems through out the day and didn't get our VT finished in time, which meant we had to stay behind to finish it. There isn't anybody individual to blame as we all didn't listen and follow instruction. Peter had given us all a folder with the same footage making it fair and equal as all the groups had the same footage to edit with. But as we wasn't listening and I was late we didn't hear this and opened an existing project and began editing the footage. In the end we found the folder that Peter had given us and made the 30sec VT. What i learnt from this is that even when i come in late i should ask the tutor what we are doing and not rely on fellow students as they also may not know.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Analyses of Tinie Tempah - Till Im Gone (live performance) - Peters Assignment

The video I have chosen too look at and analyse is a live performance of Tinie Tempah's song Till Im Gone. Watching through the video I have noticed that there are 8 different cameras being used too capture different shots. Most of the cameras are at the front of the stage getting high and low angle shots. There are two cameras on stage one camera is low and follows Tinie Tempahs movement as a mid shot. The secound camera is high up which looks down from a birds eye view angle on Tinie Tempah and the crowd. There is a camera on the left side of the stage which concentrates on the performers. there is another camera at the the centre of the stage which gets front close ups of Tinie Tempah.

The video is fast passed and cuts from shot to shot quickly. You never see one shot on screen for more than 4sec. The shots are mainly of Tinie Tempah but they have kept the shots interesting by cutting to shots of the crowd from time to time. There are also shots which move which are done using the cameras that are high up which are on a rope/wire, for example the camera on stage which moves from the stage to the crowd and then the same effect except in reverse is done by a camera which moves from the crowd to the stage.

For a shoot like this you will require a huge camera crew and then them cameras may also need assisstants to run around getting the equipment needed for example if the battery is running low you can ask the assistant to go get another battery. You should never leave the equipment unattended at any time during the shoot. You will also require a floor manager to help make sure everything runs smoothly on the studio floor. For this shoot they may have required two floor managers due too the vast amount of space there is to cover.

The crew will also require a vision mixer too operate the vision mixer and put the shots together listenning to the orders given to him/her by the director. The shoot would have also had a person controling the sound levels using the sound mixer. The sound mixer is a very important role as it is important the sound is clear and loud, but at the same time not two loud that it sounds distorted. The sound is just as important as the shots.

And finally the crew would need a director. The director is the main person of the team and is the one that gives the orders and tells the rest of the team what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. The director will stay in the gallery room and communicate with the team on the studio floor using the talk back system. The floor manager is the eyes of the director on the studio floor.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Equipment list - Peters Work

Equipment List

Panasonic P2 Cameras = 3
Batteries For Cameras = 3
Spare Batteries = 9
Tripods = 2
Trolley = 1
Talkback & Headphones = 4
XLR 3 Pin Cable = 3
XLR 5 Pin Cable = 4
BNC Cable (50m) = 3
RCA Male = 3
Boom Microphone = 2
Sony TV Monitor = 2
JVC TV Monitor = 1
Sanyo Big TV Monitor = 1
Speaker = 1
Laptop Too Stream Online = 1
Extension Lead (As Much As Possible)
Sound Mixer = 1
Vision Mixer = 1
Tricaster = 1
Keyboard = 1
Mouse = 1

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

1st assessment date - 10/01/12 (Peter's Work)

Todays lesson was the 1st assessment date for filming the bands. The group met up at 9:30 at the studio on lever street. We wasted no time and got on with getting the equipment out of the van and setting it up. We had many practice sessions before so it didn't take us long to set up all the equipment. After having set up we went for a quick practice shot too make sure everything is working and is running smoothly. The practice shot went smoothly and everything was in the right place and working.

We then broke for lunch and were told that when we come back we will have 15mins too make any changes before the first group arrives. Overall we had 5 acts that we had to film...... Josh Lipman - 1:30, Joel Murphy - 2:00, Yu Min Kang x2 - 3:00, Tom - 3:30. Overall the performances went smoothly and when we intervied the acts they said they were happy with our work and didnt have any problems or issues.

We all had various job roles that we had to under take. I personally had 4 job roles too do....

1st - Camera 2
2nd - Sound mixer
3rd - Camera 2 Assistant
4th - Vision mixer

Overall I believe I fullfiled what each job role required from me and I did it without any need for assistants.

The only problem that we faced as a group was when ustream crashed meaning we couldnt upload the performance live on to the web. We over came this issue by deciding to record the footage on to the tri caster.

Overall the filming went smoothly and we got all the bands filmed. The only thing that we need to improve for next time is too speed up the setting up proccess.

Meeting With Saf (Dave's Work) - 09/01/12

In todays lesson we went to speak with the head of our campus (Saf) too speak to him about the campus and to ask him what he could tell us about the campus. The information that he gave us was very useful and also he had some useful pictures of how the campus looked like before it went under construction. He told us about future plans that were being thought about for example clear the inside basketball court so it could be used, and also plans of making room for a common room were students can go at break/lunch. Overall the main things being talked about in the meetings are to give the students more to do.

We were not able to film him today as he wasn't ready to be filmed, so we just asked him the questions and made notes of his answers which we will make into a script and give too Saf so he knows exactly what to say when we film him, making the process smoother a quicker.

Erin has now written the script all we need to do is email Saf the script so he can learn it by next week so we can hopefully interview Saf on camera by wednesday.