Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Treatment for Music show

Introduction of how the show will run? The show will start with an opening title sequence which will be made up of clips, from the previous lever street filming and also some new footage that I hope to film from lever street. For example footage of bands performing on stage and shots of the studio. My back up plan is to go to Sheena Simon campus and ask them if I could film their music students. I don't think they will turn me down as I have worked with them previously for a college project. I will also be using graphics for the shows name (unsigned and defined), and use graphics to make name straps for the presenters and for the guests. Also I will use footage showing the film crew setting up and also the music groups setting up. I will have music running through out the whole title sequence over the footage. I still need to decide and chose the sound track I will be using, but i'm hoping to use a song with a dance theme to it. The show will then cut to presenter 1 (Matty), who will welcome the viewers to the show and give a brief introduction of what is coming up on the show. Matty will then introduce presenter 2 (Rebecca) who is in the studio who will introduce the 1st VT (1st performance). The VT will consist of the band performing. After the VT it will cut back to the studio were Matty and Rebecca are ready to interview the band asking them questions regarding their performance, how they felt? are they happy with the film crews filming? what problems did they face? and what are they future plans? After the interview with the band the presenters will then introduce the next band but instead of cutting to a VT of the performance they will perform live in the studio. I hope that there is enough room to fit in the studio set up and stage for the bands so it is a live shoot if not I will pre record the performance like the rest of the footage but then edit the footage so that it has cuts in between to the presenters who are looking in a direction smiling, and nodding to give the effect that they are there and watching them live. The reason why I want to make it look like it is a live performance is to mix it up a bit so that its not all VT's which wont make it interesting or entertaining because it will run in the same order performance after performance. Over all the performances will be shown as a VT or as a live performance in the studio. Location for bands performance and studio interviews. The location for filming will be at The Manchester College Fielden Campus, 1st floor, Room 109. We will be filming on the 30th May, the show will be running from 12:00pm till 1:00pm. Location for VT filming. I am hoping to go back to Lever Street and film the music student in action (performing on stage/recording song in studio), if it is not possible for me to go and film at Lever Street I will then Contact the music students from Sheena simon. I have worked with the students from Sheena Simon in the past so Im sure they wont have a problem with me filming as long as I give them notice before hand. How will the studio set up look like? For the studio set up I will have it look like a news room set up. Both presenters will be sat behind a desk and I will have a separate desk near the presenters for the guests. I will also have the large TV in between the two desk which will start off showing the shows name and then it will have pictures and txt regarding what the presenters or guests are talking about to help the viewers understand what being said. I will use the normal studio light for the studio half of the show. how will the stage set up look like? For the stage set up I will be using strobe lights or gel lights. The stage set up will be the same as the stage set up at lever street, two large speakers at both sides of the stage. Two microphones, and guitars behind each speaker for the singers, and finally in the centre of the stage I will have the drum kit for the drumer. And finally I hope to have a smoke machine at the front of the stage, hopefully the smoke spreads equally on the stage. What role would I like to do and which role I dont want to do, and why? For this assignment I would like to work in the gallery room more as a Vision Mixer as I believe I need to learn how to set up the monitors, connect the XLR wires from camera to the monitors, and connect the talk backs more affectively. I believe I haven't spent enough time mastering setting up all the kit in the galley room. I would like to spend less time as the camera man as I feel confident in using and setting up the camera. I would like to do something which will challenge me and give me the chance to learn something new this semester.

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