Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Ideas For VT's

1st Idea - One of my ideas of how I want the VT to look is to start off with showing the band setting up their equipment. The shots will be fast passed, followed with fast pace background music. After the shots of the band setting up, it will cut to peace to camera were the interviewer will introduce giving a short introduction of the band he is following. The camera will then cut to the interviewer talking to the band asking them general questions like whats the name of the song their going to perform, how long did it take them to write the song, and what gave them the inspiration to write the son that they did? the questions ask will be light and brief. They will go into more detail in the studio interview. After the brief interview it will cut to short snippets of the band performing their song. Questions that I will ask..... 1) Whats the name of the song? 2) How long did it take you to write? 3) What inspired you to write this song, whats the message behind it that you want to get across to the listener? 2nd Idea - The second idea that I have for how the VT could look is to follow one of the artist for one whole day, I will follow their life style and how his life evolves around music for example film them going to class, film them working and writing lyrics, film them making a beat, and finally film the artist in the studio recording the song. Questions that I will ask..... 1) So how did u get into music? 2) How many years is your course for? 3) What do you learn from the course, and what are your plans once you finish your course? 4) What kind of instruments can you play and how long did it take you to learn how to play? BACK UP IDEA My back up idea is to have a student explain how to use certain equipments and discuss how much they can cost act. For example..... electric guitars, string guitars, key boards act. And for the studio we will look at how you can change the beats level, voice level, and how to record the song act. Questions..... 1) How do you connect the guitars to the amps and the speakers? 2) How do you loosen and tighten the strings on the guitar? 3) How much does the electric guitar cost? 4) How much does the string guitar cost? 5) How much would one string cost?