Monday, 28 May 2012

300 word pitch

For this assignment we have been asked to make individual VTs which we will then use to make a 30min long news programme. We will complete paper works in connection with the VT for example.... Proposal, Equipment list, Shot list, Release form, Risk assessment, Shooting schedule, Roles responsibility, Script, and a Contact list. For My VT I have chosen to look at sport, in-particular Boxing. I shall be filming at Gorton's Amateur Boxing club which is located in the Ceder Mount Sports Hall, on Matthews lane. I have already asked for filming permission and have been given the thumbs up. I have also contacted a friend who trains there who I can film in connection with the VT. The VT will start off by showing Ilyas warming up by shadow boxing, skipping, on the punch bags, and finally a short clip of Ilyas sparing. After this it will then cut to A short interview with Ilyas in which I will ask him the following questions ....... 1) Whats your name? 2) So how did you get into boxing? 3) How long have you been boxing 4) What's your current fighting title? 5) Have you met any famous boxers if yes what advice did they give you? and finally what can we expect to see from you in the future? My VT wil hopefully run for 2mins, I will use a graphic effect which josh has made for the programme name, I will also make my own voiceover in the VT, which will run over when Ilyas is warming up. The VT will give a short description of were the boxing club is located. Fot the live show I will be taking on the role of vision mixing. I have chosen to vision mix because I haven't done much Vision mixing, and would like to learn and take on a role that I haven't done or believe I can improve.