Tuesday, 29 November 2011

29/11/11 (Peters Work)

In todays lesson we took turns too go in groups of 5/6 into the vision mixing room were Collin would be showing us how too transfer the footage we record from the tricaster too the UStream website using lacier. I found it useful and will now know how too steam the footage when I am given the role to stream. Overall I picked up on the technique quickly. The only problem I faced was that at one point I forgot to stream on the tricaster which meant the footage wasn't showing on UStream as there was no connection/stream coming through.  

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

23/11/11 (Peters Work)

In todays lesson we had solo performances and in the afternoon a group performance. I dint have a job role in the morning so I just helped anyone that needed assistants.

In the afternoon I was given the role of camera man. I believe I did this role well and followed the different instructions given to me by the director very well and got the shots that the director asked from me. I would like to do more vision mixing working and believe I now know how to use the cameras and set it all up correctly.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

14/11/11 - 1st Day Of Filming (Dave Gee's Work)

In todays lesson we was asked too finish any written work we had outstanding so that we could start filming. All the written work was done all that was needed was a script. A lot of time was wasted writing the script as not everyone was paying attention or being helpful. In the end Rebecca came up with a few questions that she could ask whilst me and Andy got together the equipment we need such as the camera, battery, tripod, and a mic.

Another problem that we faced was that we was told we could film the librarian at 1:15 but ended up missing her because the group came back late and one member still hadn't returned from break. We have now been asked too come back later.    

In the afternoon we was able too go down and film the librarian, i think this part of the session went well and smoothly and we worked fast and got the filming done before the end of the lesson. In next weeks lesson we will start editing and putting the footage together using Final Cut Pro.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Research & Structure Idea 17/10/11 (Dave Gee's Work)

In todays lesson we looked at finalizing which idea we will be looking at. As a group we decided to go with my idea which was to look at the history of the college. Once we had chosen our idea we discussed how we will be structuring our news piece. We decided that the news piece will start with a presenter introducing our news piece (History of college), and giving an overall view of what you can expect too see on the show. After the intro we will cut to our VT which will run for 30/40 sec which will be made up of clips and images showing the stages that built up to the college being built. over the footage and pictures we will have a voice-over explaining what you can see. And finally the show will end with a studio interview with the head of the college talking about how the college has progressed over the years he has been here.

Why we chose the idea we have chosen?
We chose this particular idea because it is an interesting topic to look at and there is plenty for us to talk about. There are problems that we could face for example we may find it difficult to find footage that tells the history but it is possible. If we do struggle to find VTs then we will over come the problem by making our own VTs. The research will give us a rough idea of the things we need to look at act.

We are in the process of finding research and finding footage, and pictures that we can use in our VTs. For example Andy started looking for news articles and books from the library, Erin has started searching for information on the internet and I have start looking for pictures and footage that we can use.

We also interviewed one of the librarians who has been working in the colleges library for 22 years. She was able to tell us a few things for example that the college was given £9 million to invest in refurbishing the college as she quoted 'It was falling apart'. She also told us that the library that we now have once was a hall and what is now the canteen use to be the library. the college also had a gym which is no longer there and has been converted into a children's playing centre. We have also asked her for some books which she is having sent from another campus which will help us go in more depth on the history of the campus. We have been able to get quite a bit of useful information, all that we need now is to get the archive footage act.  


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

09/10/11 - Reco's Assignment

In todays lesson we received our first assignment from Reco. We discussed and when threw the assignment as a whole class so that we all know what we need to do for the assignment. The assignment is clear and I know what i need to do. I was the only one in from my group which meant i couldn't start the assignment because we need to discuss and decide what job roles we will be researching to make sure were not all working on the same thing.