Tuesday, 15 November 2011

14/11/11 - 1st Day Of Filming (Dave Gee's Work)

In todays lesson we was asked too finish any written work we had outstanding so that we could start filming. All the written work was done all that was needed was a script. A lot of time was wasted writing the script as not everyone was paying attention or being helpful. In the end Rebecca came up with a few questions that she could ask whilst me and Andy got together the equipment we need such as the camera, battery, tripod, and a mic.

Another problem that we faced was that we was told we could film the librarian at 1:15 but ended up missing her because the group came back late and one member still hadn't returned from break. We have now been asked too come back later.    

In the afternoon we was able too go down and film the librarian, i think this part of the session went well and smoothly and we worked fast and got the filming done before the end of the lesson. In next weeks lesson we will start editing and putting the footage together using Final Cut Pro.

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