Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Diary - Peter

13/03/12 In todays lesson we began working on writing our treatments for the music show. In my treatment I have discussed in detail the running order of the show. I have gone on to talk about the studio and stage set up and how will it look visually and what pros will i be using. I have also spoken about who will be my presenters and who will be my guests and why i chose them for example the presenters are both cheesy and bubbly and from their past work I believe they make good presenters and will make the show interesting and will keep the viewers entertained. The guest will be the artist that will have performed. I have finally gone on to talk about the target audience for my show. (16-25 year olds) and why i chose this age group as my target audience. the reason why I chose this age group was because the acts that are performing fall into this catogary. So it obvious that the type of music they produce will be music that they would listen to and enjoy. An artist will make a song that he himself can enjoy so it makes it easy to identify the target audience. I have finished writing the the treatment, just needs to be checked by peter, so i know i have covered and mentioned everything I need. 24/04/12 In todays lesson we worked on coming up with ideas for how the VT's should and could look like. For this I will be working with Mikael, Josh, and Andrew Green Land. We each have to make 2 VT's each, 8 in total, 1 for each act, and also a back up idea incase one idea doesn't work. I have wrote up to ideas of how I want the VT to look like. I have also wrote up questions that I will be asking the acts. The only thing left to do now is to write a consent form which I need to get the acts to sign to say they are fine with me filming them act. 09/05/12 Today was the first lesson for reharsal. Overall I think the filming went well, we setted up quite quickly, and began filming fast. We got all the 4 acts filmed in time without haing any major problems. I was given the role of streaming the footage on ustream, but as usual we had problems and we ended up recording on the tricaster. Since I wasnt able to do my role I just assisted people with doing their roles. For next week I hope to film two band members comming in, settinging up and performing their song for the two VT's I have to create. 16/05/12 Today was the 2nd rehersal date to practice filming the acts, to get ready and perfect for the actual live filming. Overall again I believe we worked well and got everything ready quickly giving us plenty of time to check everything is working. Bellow is a list of the jobroles for the 1st act...... Ashley - Director Josh - Vision mixer Danny Jack - Sound mixer Imogen - Floor manager 1 Joe - Floor manager 2 Matthew & Erin - Presenters Jack - Camera 1 Andy Greenland - Camera 2 Nabeel - Camera 3 Nyasha - Camera 4 Bellow ae the job roles for the 2nd act..... Luis - Director Jack - Vision mixer Andy Greenland - Sound mixer Abid - Floor manager 1 Nyasha - Floor manager 2 Matthew & Erin - Presenters Danny jack - Camera 1 Ashley - Camera 2 Mikael - Camera 3 Kas - Camera 4 In today's lesson I worked more on completing my 2 VT's that I have to create as introductions for the acts. I have got all the filming completed and have logged it in Final Cut Pro. For the next lesson I hope to edit and finish both of the VT's.

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