Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Diary - Sam

27/02/12 In todays lesson we all took turns to stand up in front of the group and pitch our idea. My show will have to parts to it, the 1st part will look at genuine boxing fans, for this i will be interviewing a guy that i know who is an up coming boxer. I will look at how he got into boxing?, how has it influenced his life, and what are his ambitions for the future for him? The 2nd half of the show will look at whats going on in the boxing industry. For example I was looking at the David Haye and Dereck Chisora's brawl and what people thought off the whole situation. who was in the wrong? and why? and would they like to see them fight in the ring. My 2nd idea is to look at Amir Khan and Lamont Preston's rematch, as this will more of a fresh story as it is in may, close to the filming dates. 5/03/12 In todays lesson we split ourselves into two groups, which will be our actual groups for this assignment. Our project manger will be Josh. For next lesson we will all decide when we want to film so we know who’s filming when and who’s helping who film. I have spoken to Ilyas who will be the person who I interview regarding my idea (Boxing). I have emailed him asking him if he is available to be interviewed. I am now working on writing the script so that Ilyas has a chance to see the questions I will be asking him before I film. Team Members……… Me Josh Abid Luke Kas Jo Andy Imogen Rebecca Ezra 19/03/12 In todays lesson, in the morning I worked on writing the questions I would be asking Ilyas (Boxer who I will be interviewing). After I finished writing the questions I sent the questions to Ilyas so that he can prepare some answers before hand. We also discussed when he would be available for filming. He told me he is available this weekend so I will hopefully film either on the 24th or the 25th of march between 12-5pm. After I had written the questions for Ilyas I began writing a scene by scene breakdown Of how the VT will look and what will it consist of. For example I spoke about what archive footage and pictures i would be using and that I will have Abid doing the voice over explaining what it is that were seeing. I then went on to talk about the location were I will be filming (Boxing Club) and how some of the shots will look. 14/05/12 Todays lesson was to reherse our programmes but as usual we had people problems, for example some people still neded to edit thir footage, luke was not able to film his origional idea so he came up with a new idea and began filming his idea. I also lost my voiceover which slowed me dwn, but I quickly found the voice recording machine and recorded and added a new voice over. After I was done I helped Josh and abid set up the studio all afternoon.

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