Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Example of Music Video VT

In todays lesson we were put into small groups and were given footage of all the groups and were asked to edit the footage we have to make a VT for a Music Video. For this group project I was working with Mikael, Abid, and Danny. We faced many problems through out the day and didn't get our VT finished in time, which meant we had to stay behind to finish it. There isn't anybody individual to blame as we all didn't listen and follow instruction. Peter had given us all a folder with the same footage making it fair and equal as all the groups had the same footage to edit with. But as we wasn't listening and I was late we didn't hear this and opened an existing project and began editing the footage. In the end we found the folder that Peter had given us and made the 30sec VT. What i learnt from this is that even when i come in late i should ask the tutor what we are doing and not rely on fellow students as they also may not know.

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