Friday, 20 January 2012

Analyses of Tinie Tempah - Till Im Gone (live performance) - Peters Assignment

The video I have chosen too look at and analyse is a live performance of Tinie Tempah's song Till Im Gone. Watching through the video I have noticed that there are 8 different cameras being used too capture different shots. Most of the cameras are at the front of the stage getting high and low angle shots. There are two cameras on stage one camera is low and follows Tinie Tempahs movement as a mid shot. The secound camera is high up which looks down from a birds eye view angle on Tinie Tempah and the crowd. There is a camera on the left side of the stage which concentrates on the performers. there is another camera at the the centre of the stage which gets front close ups of Tinie Tempah.

The video is fast passed and cuts from shot to shot quickly. You never see one shot on screen for more than 4sec. The shots are mainly of Tinie Tempah but they have kept the shots interesting by cutting to shots of the crowd from time to time. There are also shots which move which are done using the cameras that are high up which are on a rope/wire, for example the camera on stage which moves from the stage to the crowd and then the same effect except in reverse is done by a camera which moves from the crowd to the stage.

For a shoot like this you will require a huge camera crew and then them cameras may also need assisstants to run around getting the equipment needed for example if the battery is running low you can ask the assistant to go get another battery. You should never leave the equipment unattended at any time during the shoot. You will also require a floor manager to help make sure everything runs smoothly on the studio floor. For this shoot they may have required two floor managers due too the vast amount of space there is to cover.

The crew will also require a vision mixer too operate the vision mixer and put the shots together listenning to the orders given to him/her by the director. The shoot would have also had a person controling the sound levels using the sound mixer. The sound mixer is a very important role as it is important the sound is clear and loud, but at the same time not two loud that it sounds distorted. The sound is just as important as the shots.

And finally the crew would need a director. The director is the main person of the team and is the one that gives the orders and tells the rest of the team what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. The director will stay in the gallery room and communicate with the team on the studio floor using the talk back system. The floor manager is the eyes of the director on the studio floor.

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