Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Meeting With Saf (Dave's Work) - 09/01/12

In todays lesson we went to speak with the head of our campus (Saf) too speak to him about the campus and to ask him what he could tell us about the campus. The information that he gave us was very useful and also he had some useful pictures of how the campus looked like before it went under construction. He told us about future plans that were being thought about for example clear the inside basketball court so it could be used, and also plans of making room for a common room were students can go at break/lunch. Overall the main things being talked about in the meetings are to give the students more to do.

We were not able to film him today as he wasn't ready to be filmed, so we just asked him the questions and made notes of his answers which we will make into a script and give too Saf so he knows exactly what to say when we film him, making the process smoother a quicker.

Erin has now written the script all we need to do is email Saf the script so he can learn it by next week so we can hopefully interview Saf on camera by wednesday.

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