Thursday, 22 December 2011

Production Meeting - Lever Street

In todays lesson we all whent to the studio we would be filming at in the manchester college on lever street. We started off by taking pictures of the studio floor, the stage, lights, and any hazards which need to be stated so we can use later as part of our Pre-Production for the floor plan and risk assessment.

After a short break we had a short production meeting with the tutor of the bands we would be filming. in the meeting we disscussed any changes we need to make to the stage for example there were two large speakers at the front of the stage which would need to be moved as they would come in the shot when we would be doing a tracking shot with the dolly camera. We then discussed how many acts we would be filming on the day and we decided that we would be filming 4 acts on the first day, giving us an hour too film one act. We decided that we will interview the acts after they finish performing asking them questions regarding their thoughts about their performance and the filming which we will use inbetween the different acts.

And finally we all went down into the gallery room too get an insight of were we would be setting up the tri-caster act.

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