Wednesday, 11 January 2012

1st assessment date - 10/01/12 (Peter's Work)

Todays lesson was the 1st assessment date for filming the bands. The group met up at 9:30 at the studio on lever street. We wasted no time and got on with getting the equipment out of the van and setting it up. We had many practice sessions before so it didn't take us long to set up all the equipment. After having set up we went for a quick practice shot too make sure everything is working and is running smoothly. The practice shot went smoothly and everything was in the right place and working.

We then broke for lunch and were told that when we come back we will have 15mins too make any changes before the first group arrives. Overall we had 5 acts that we had to film...... Josh Lipman - 1:30, Joel Murphy - 2:00, Yu Min Kang x2 - 3:00, Tom - 3:30. Overall the performances went smoothly and when we intervied the acts they said they were happy with our work and didnt have any problems or issues.

We all had various job roles that we had to under take. I personally had 4 job roles too do....

1st - Camera 2
2nd - Sound mixer
3rd - Camera 2 Assistant
4th - Vision mixer

Overall I believe I fullfiled what each job role required from me and I did it without any need for assistants.

The only problem that we faced as a group was when ustream crashed meaning we couldnt upload the performance live on to the web. We over came this issue by deciding to record the footage on to the tri caster.

Overall the filming went smoothly and we got all the bands filmed. The only thing that we need to improve for next time is too speed up the setting up proccess.

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