Monday, 10 October 2011

Dave gee's Assignment 10/10/11

Research On News Package Show
A news package show is a term used to explain the overall look of what you see on the screen, the overall look and feel of the footage. It looks at the type of shots you have used an if you have shot it right. It also looks at the lighting to make sure the footage isn't too dark neither too bright. And finally look at the sound levels to make sure they are perfect and the sound is loud and clear.

Production Roles
A news producers plays a very important role as he plays many different roles for example:

  • The producer is in charge of looking at the script and making any changes that he feels need to be made.
  • Organize were everyone needs to be on the studio floor (Floor Plan)
  • Keeps in contact with the reporters, director, and the filming crew to make sure everything is going as planned.
Overall the producer is in charge of making sure the script is correctly formated and clear for the reporters to read, and is in charge of making sure everyone knows were they need to be and what they should be doing to make sure the filming goes smoothly.

A reporter is a type of journalist who presents the story. The reporter is in charge of going on location and talking about the news piece. It is the reporters responsibility to do his/her research on the story too make sure they know what they are talking about and have enough too talk about while they are live on air.     

A Researcher is in charge of researching on the story to get the facts and figures needed to tell the story and to make sure what is being said is true and can be proved if asked for references act. it is important for the researcher to make sure the information they are using is reliable to avoid getting into any legal issues.

Videographer/ Editor
An Editor is in charge of editing the footage that is recorded. The footage is imported and edited using Final Cut Pro, which allows you to trim the footage so you only have the footage you need, you can also  put txt in to the footage and use effects to make the different clips look smooth when put together.

Use Of Sound/ Audio
Sound and audio are very important as they help tell the story and explain what you are seeing. It also helps keep the viewer interested, if the sound is of poor quality the viewer will soon loose interest. It is important to make sure the sound quality is perfect not too loud not too low, and most importantly it is clear and understandable.

Lighting is as important as Sound/ Audio, if the lighting is not perfect the image quality will not be good and if the viewer cant see anything he/she will then loose interest. It is important that you check the white balance on your camera and the lighting to make sure the picture is clear.

Filming Techniques
Filming Techniques overall means what kind of shots you could use. The different type of shots you could use are:

  • Extreme close up (concentrating on the eyes)
  • Close Up (close up of the face)
  • Mid Shot (shot from head till waist)
  • Long Shot (head till toe)
  • Extreme Long Shot (shows the whole person and the environment they are in)
  • Birds Eye View Shot (shot from above looking down)
  • Over The Shoulder Shot (shot from over the shoulder looking at the person in shot)
The different shots are used too give different effects and make a person look in a particular way for example extreme close up of the eye shows the emotion or expression in their eyes. A birds eye view is normally used when the reporters are not allowed close enough for example Riots, building on fire act.

Health & Safety & Risk Assessment
Before you can start filming it is important that you do a risk assessment check to make sure it is safe to film on the location that you are on. There are many risks that you could face and that you should keep an eye out for when out filming for example ditches/nettles/ or bumps in the floor. Also if your out filming in the woods keep an eye out for wild animals that could attack you.

It is important to get copyright permission before using someone else's work to avoid them suing you because you didn't have their permission to use their work. At the same time it is important to copyright any of your own work so that no one steals your work and takes credit for it.  

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