Monday, 31 October 2011

30/10/11 - Burning Cats (Peters Work)

In todays lesson we was split into groups of 4 to come up with an idea for a news piece. For this task i worked with Mikael, Rebecca, Abid. We Started off by mind mapping some ideas on what could be our news piece. We decided to go with Abid's idea which was him saving 5 cats from a burning tree by urinating on it, and ends with Abid killing the cats when the branch breaks and he falls landing on the cats. After we decided to go with Abid's idea, We decide what role we will play. Rebecca was our presenter, Abid was the person who would be interviewed, Mikael was the camera man and I was the director. After the job roles were given out  Abid quickly wrote a few questions that Rebecca could ask him and we then went out filming.

We filmed the interview outside near the doors. We filmed the interview as a mid shot with Rebecca and Abid in the shot. We then shot the interview as over the shoulder shot concentrating on Abid's lines and then finally did the same concentrating on Rebecca's line. The final bit of filming we did was filming GV's of Abid walking towards the college entrance towards Rebecca and then finally recording Abid upset in the class after looking at pictures of cats on the computer.

We faced a few problems when we was filming for example we had people walking into the shot, and also Rebecca the presenter kept rubbing the mic against her jacket when she was pointing it at Abid.
We could overcome the problem by having someone let people know that there is filming in progress or put signs up. And we could overcome the issue with the sound by keeping the mic away from all clothing's.          

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